Community engagement

Community engagement


Engaging in world-wide operations with overseas offices and many different nationalities employed, we are embedded in and have strong relations with many parts of the world. At J. Lauritzen, we strive to create opportunities for people, which in turn provides us with great benefits. Through our community engagement efforts, we wish to strengthen the ties to the local communities in which we operate by engaging in dialogue and collaboration with community members.

A recurrent example of our community engagement is our collaboration agreements with educational institutions, through which we provide young talents with internships, scholarships, etc. By doing so, we do not only help young people obtain a degree, we also contribute to attracting and developing highly skilled people to the shipping industry.

Our community engagement activities are mainly being conducted by our local offices in the different communities. Below you can learn more about our initiatives in the specific communities where we are represented.

Community engagement in Singapore

Strong community engagement in the Philippines

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