Owned by Lauritzen Fonden


J. Lauritzen A/S is a private (non-listed) company incorporated in Denmark and we are owned by Lauritzen Fonden. Lauritzen Fonden was created in 1945 in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the steamship company ”Vesterhavet”, founded by Ditlev Lauritzen in 1895. The foundation is a commercial foundation with the objective to support Danish shipping, entrepreneurship and humanitarian work.

Being a commercial foundation, Lauritzen Fonden is a selfgoverning institution in Danish law and is regulated by the Danish Act on Commercial Foundations. Moreover, the foundation is overseen by the Danish Ministry of Justice and the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth.

Lauritzen Fonden supports J. Lauritzen’s prudent dividend policy, taking account of the continued existence and development of J. Lauritzen. Further, its policy is to ensure the independence of the companies it owns. Our ownership structure provides the ability for rapid decision making and offers the option of preferring long-term views and a degree of patience when developing our business.

In addition to its ownership of J. Lauritzen and its controlling interest in DFDS A/S (42% holding), Lauritzen Fonden has holdings via wholly-owned LF Investment ApS in the oil analysis, measuring equipment, software, biotechnology and real estate sectors.

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