Responsible procurement

Aligning expectations
on responsible procurement 

An image depicting the IMPA Code of Conduct

As a part of our corporate responsibility action plan, we are implementing a responsible procurement programme. The programme focuses on aligning expectations, cooperating and engaging in dialogue with suppliers to ensure decent social and environmental conditions.

Aligning with new demands

Our responsible procurement programme addresses human right including labour rights, protection of the environment and tackling corruption in the supply chain. The programme is based on the UN Global Compact and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Thus, the programme is designed to meet the newest requirements from the UN, EU and OECD on business and human rights.

Cooperation & dialogue tool

In Lauritzen, we consider our Supplier Code of Conduct a valuable tool for cooperation and dialogue with our suppliers and expect all our suppliers to be willing to work with the demands set forth in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

We know that establishing relevant processes requires both time and resources, especially in the initial phases, as we are also implementing and updating our processes ourselves. Thus we acknowledge that applying the expectations stated in our Supplier Code of Conduct will naturally represent a dynamic rather than static process, and we encourage suppliers to continually improve their processes related to minimising adverse impacts on international principles as well as sharing knowledge and experience on these efforts. We are working closely with selected suppliers based on spend, dependency and frequency.

Training & capacity development

Within Lauritzen, all our purchasers have been trained in the demands set forth in our Supplier Code of Conduct. The training module includes e.g. key terms within CSR and corporate responsibility, UN Global Compact principles, facts about the UN Guiding Principles, expectations on policy commitment and due diligence. All of our purchasers are already audit certified.

As part of the internal capacity development, external courses on human rights expectations as well as network participation have been essential for the implementation process.

IMPA ACT - a joint approach

The programme was initially developed as a complete responsible supply chain management programme together with the Danish Shipowner, DS NORDEN, the leading consultancy GLOBAL CSR , who are experts in corporate responsibility and human rights and the International Marine Purchasing Association (IMPA). 

We are part of this joint approach, the IMPA ACT as our ambition is to ensure uniformity and to avoid suppliers from having to comply with many different codes of conduct. Going forward, this will be a cost-effective approach that will mitigate the resources needed for monitoring and audits. As the programme builds on the UN Guiding Principles the expectations are fully in alignment with the newest and strongest development within the field of CSR.

A joint action approach will provide leverage for ensuring that suppliers actually do make improvements in the field of human rights including labour rights, protection of the environment and anti-corruption issues.

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