Gender diversity

Gender diversity

An image showing different women at work in the office and at sea

J. Lauritzen believes that diversity in the workplace is important, both to the working environment and bottom line. We support the efforts of both the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and Danish Shipping in seeking a better gender balance in shipping. We therefore want to recruit, retain and promote employees from the broadest possible pool of qualified persons regardless of gender and gender identity. 

J. Lauritzen has signed up to Danish Shipping’s Charter for more women in shipping, which was developed by a dedicated taskforce in 2019.  The charter urges shipping companies to work in a concrete, visible and purposeful way to increase the number of women in shipping. 

The key findings of the Charter’s taskforce were that organisational culture, career advice and effective conflict management can make a key difference to women’s experience. With direct support from senior management, J. Lauritzen has now appointed its own advisory board on gender diversity. The advisory board will agree on the goals and concrete steps that will be taken along the way to improving gender diversity within the company.

A graphic stating "We have signed the charter for more women in shipping by Danish Shipping >>> Find out more about Danish Shipping's charter to recruit more women into shipping

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