Bunkered up for a tough run at the Great Wall of China

May 29 2015

Mid-May J. Lauritzen’s Bunker Purchaser in Asia, Mr. Kasper Kofoed-Dam, ran the Great Wall Marathon in Huangyaguan, Tianjin Province, China. Kasper crossed the finish line in an impressive time which earned him sixth place overall in the historical and tough run with more than 2,000 participants across all categories of participants.

A normal work day for Kasper is about ensuring that J. Lauritzen's and external clients’ vessels are bunkered up ready to sail the seven seas. Working in our Singapore office he overlooks the Asian bunker markets in close collaboration with his four bunker colleagues at the Copenhagen office. Conducting transactions worth more than USD 350,000 a day, talking to more than 15 different suppliers and traders each day and much more, running is his ‘bunker’ to stay focused and motivated. “Training focused on a specific objective, whether it is a quick 10k or a marathon in Singapore's hot and humid air, a marathon on the Great Wall, or a race in Borneo's challenging terrain, helps me feel sharp and concentrated”, Kasper says, “The training and the races motivates me personally as well as professionally.”

A holiday to China turned into a memory for life
As part of a holiday visit to China, Kasper chose to participate in the historical run. “It was a marathon that enabled me to combine vacation with my passion for running. The route took us through small beautiful villages and in that sense the run was much more than 'just' a hard marathon race. For me it was a great experience and a memory for life".

This year's race was the 16th Great Wall Marathon. With 5,164 steps and several hills to be climbed the race is viewed as one of the toughest marathons in the world, but also one of the most scenic and beautiful – a conclusion that Kasper can relate to, “The thought of climbing the wall and all the stairs after having already completed 35k in good speed, will ensure a smile on my face for a long time.”

Kasper Kofoed-Dam completed the 42,196k in 4:09:24 corresponding to 5:55 min/km which turned out to be the sixth fastest of all participants.

About the Great Wall Marathon
The story of the Great Wall Marathon goes back to 1998 when founder of Albatros Travel, Mr. Soren Rasmussen, decided to organise a marathon on the Great Wall of China. A partnership was formed with the founder of Culturestone Event, Mr. Guo Feng, and the following year 300 runners gathered at the Yin and Yang Square of Huangyaguan’s Great Wall Fortress ready to conquer the wall.

Since the first race in 1999, The Great Wall Marathon has grown to become an internationally recognised running event with participants from all corners of the world.

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