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Reducing our environmental impact through energy-efficiency

Lauritzen Kosan has implemented a fuel reduction project called REJUICE. The aim of the project is to optimise energy efficiency by cutting fuel consumption, for the benefit of our customers and the environment.

Reducing fuel consumption

In 2012, Lauritzen Kosan launched the project REJUICE, a major initiative with a focus on reducing fuel consumption and the environmental impact of our gas carrier operations. Specific initiatives for change have been introduced after a study of current operational practices, such as trim and ballast conditions, hull cleaning, improved management of power consumptions and optimised fleet utilisation.

Taken together, these initiatives are expected to give a significant reduction in emissions and hence our carbon footprint. he REJUICE project conforms to new regulations on energy efficiency in shipping and the demands of clients for greener ship operations.

Significant cost savings

Through the installation of energy saving equipment on our vessels, along with improved energy usage, we are able to save up to 10% of total fuel consumption and we have achieved proportional reductions for emissions to the environment.

Energy efficiency initiatives

The REJUICE project includes energy efficiency initiatives in several areas:

  • Voyage performance
  • Ship performance
  • Fuel management
  • Main and auxiliary engine
  • Energy consumption
  • Organisation and management 




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