Intern insight - Giorgia Ghio

Apr 16 2019

Intern Giorgia Ghio shares her views after a week at Lauritzen Kosan with HR assistant, Sofie Winther.

What was your first impression of Lauritzen Kosan?

Everyone was very welcoming and kind to me, even though we had never met before. That was a really nice surprise.

The office environment is very different from the usual Italian office, where it can be very competitive. At Lauritzen Kosan, I saw a very collaborative culture. There was a lot of co-operation between the various departments, even though I was working with different people on a range of tasks.

How much did you learn during your week with us?

I felt valued and important because everyone was very well-prepared for my time here.  I was surprised that I was in fact given real tasks! So I got a lot out of it, even though it was just a week.

What surprised you the most during your week with Lauritzen Kosan?

The “employee of the week” prize. I liked the fact that everyone gathered together to appreciate a fellow colleague. I think this type of prize builds motivation - not just with the employee who wins, but with everyone around, who would like to work for the same recognition.

Anything else?

I liked the open office, as it is inviting and enhances people’s ability to meet other colleagues.

Giorgia Ghio recently completed her master's degree in Economics and Finance at Università degli studi in Genova, Italy. We wish her the best of luck with her future career!

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