J. Lauritzen signs the pledge to support graduates in Denmark 

Apr 1 2019
Some of the bachelors working at J. Lauritzen

In December 2018 the Danish Government and all Danish Government parties signed a political agreement intended to give students better opportunities to gain work experience after their bachelor’s degree.

J. Lauritzen has also signed this agreement, named "Bachelorløftet" (the bachelor promise) should also support those graduates in the workplace who wish to continue into further education after a few years on the job market. More information on the agreement is available on the website of the Danish Ministry for Education and Research (in Danish): 

Jan U. Nielsen, Vice President of Corporate Human Resources at J. Lauritzen, commented:

“At J. Lauritzen, we have been welcoming bachelors to our trainee programme since 2012 – at which time this was not so common in Denmark.

We feel that this has been a great success – especially in terms of retaining them as employees.

We will continue to welcome students with a bachelor’s degree to J. Lauritzen and are ready to take the pledge, taking co-responsibility for preparing them for the job market and supporting a more flexible educational system.”

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