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Safe & secure operation of crew, cargo and vessel


Safeguarding our crew, cargo and the environment is imperative for Lauritzen Kosan. To ensure best practice and that the operation of our vessels meets the highest industry standards, our safety procedures and reporting practices are constantly revised and comply fully with legal and customer requirements.

We are also actively involved in enhancing safety in the industry through participation in the activities of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO), and International Chamber of Shipping (ICS).

Sharp focus on safe operations

Handling large and heavy equipment in a challenging environment is an integral part of working onboard a vessel and calls for comprehensive safety procedures. So it is essential to harmonise our safety culture ashore and at sea in order to align and capture knowledge on best practice and to be proactive in engaging in various safety initiatives. 

Keeping risks to a minimum

Compliance with Lauritzen Kosan’s internal management systems which are aligned with the International Safety Management Code (ISM), ensures that risks are kept to a minimum throughout our operations and we work hard to constantly ensure a strong safety culture by:

  • Systematic support and feedback from the office on all safety issues to crew and customers.
  • Benchmarking of safety performance on board our vessels
  • Monitoring KPI results relating to safety on board
  • Safety awareness training for seafarers

Protecting our crew and cargo against pirates 

Dangerous, continuing threats from pirates in high-risk areas such as the Gulf of Aden and Gulf of Guinea put great pressure on the shipping industry.

Protecting our crew and cargo is absolutely vital and at Lauritzen Kosan we take strong security measures to avoid any piracy-related incidents. Best practice and recommendations from national and international authorities are the foundation of our corporate security guidelines towards piracy.  

Minimising the risk

The current threat pattern is assessed in close collaboration with external anti-piracy professionals. We test new anti-piracy designs and measures in an effort to always be prepared to meet challenges in high-risk areas.

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