“Stay curious” CEO Mads P. Zacho's advice to Danish shipping graduates

Jun 1 2018
MPZ giving a speech to Danish Shipping Academy graduates

J. Lauritzen CEO Mads P. Zacho has today addressed graduates from the commercial programme at the Danish Shipping Academy at their celebration in Copenhagen – and given them some words of advice for the future.

Mads talked to students about the importance of Denmark staying ahead of the game in shipping and having a strong footprint in global maritime transportation. He said:

“Our footprint will only grow stronger because foreign partners want to do business with us. They appreciate the skills, accountability and transparency they meet when doing business here.”

He also talked to students about the importance of digitalisation for the future and gave them some words of advice:

 “…stay curious, develop your skills and explore new ways of working – surely you will stay smarter than any robot out there. And you will help your company stay ahead of competition.”

The Commercial Shipping Program is a 2 year course carried out in cooperation between shipowners, shipping businesses and Danish Shipping with the support of the Danish Shipping Academy. The course alternates between on-the-job training in companies and education modules and e-learning at the shipping academy. It is designed to prepare young people for their future work in shipping, for example as charterers or operators.

The Commercial Shipping Program will begin again in September 2018 with 50 new trainees – the largest number since the start of the course in 2012.

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