Two Global Internship Award winners embark on their J. Lauritzen internship in Singapore

May 18 2015

Photo: Mr. Martin Sato, Managing Director, J. Lauritzen Singapore (left) with Ms Kancy Zhu and Mr Louis Tan.

Today, J. Lauritzen welcomes Mr Louis Tan and Ms Kancy Zhu Liu to our office in Singapore as part of the Global Internship Award supported by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.

J. Lauritzen Singapore has looked forward to welcoming the two young talented students who have won this year’s Global Internship Award as the experience and outcome from last year's internship award was very positive. Mr. Martin Sato, Managing Director of J. Lauritzen Singapore elaborates on the experience from last year; ”This is the second year we welcome interns through the Global Internship Award, and last year we learned just how enriching this process can be, not only for the interns, but for J. Lauritzen as well, as we are provided with the opportunity to get fresh inputs from young people with new perspectives”.

Ensuring a pool of maritime talent
The Global Internship Award was conceptualised in 2013 as part of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore’s (MPA) ongoing efforts to promote maritime careers amongst the young talents in Singapore. The long-term aim of this type of partnership between the MPA and the shipping community is to contribute to create a pool of maritime talent for the benefit of all parties.

Mr. Sato participated in the award ceremony last week and sees mutual benefits ”I think it is great that so many international maritime companies participate in this partnership with MPA and offer their resources to provide high-performing students with an opportunity to embark on enriching and meaningful internships. This shows a strong commitment from members of the maritime community to help attract and develop talented young people for the industry”.

He is also confident that the two candidates for this year’s internship will fit in very well at J. Lauritzen, as they are both "highly motivated young people with great potential and desire to learn", as he puts it.

The J. Lauritzen intern profiles
Louis Tan is enrolled at Singapore Management University (SMU) where he is studying for a bachelor’s degree in Science of Economics (Maritime Economics concentration) with double major in Finance. Additionally, Mr Tan is Vice President and founding member of the ’SMU Maritime Club’.

Kancy Zhu Lui is studying for a Bachelor of Science degree in Maritime Studies at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). She has previously interned with Lloyd’s Register and further acts as Director of Marketing and Communication at the Maritime Business Society at NTU.

Mr Tan and Ms Liu, who initiated their ten-week internship with J. Lauritzen Singapore today, will during the next ten weeks be exposed to the daily operations taking place within J. Lauritzen. The internship is fully sponsored by MPA through the Global Internship Award. The students will commence their internships with three weeks at the Singapore office followed by four weeks at J. Lauritzen’s head office in Copenhagen. After this, they will return to the Singapore office for the final three weeks of the programme.

At the award ceremony held on 15 May, Louis Tan and Kancy Zhu Liu along with 28 other recipients received their awards marking the fully-sponsored, maritime-focused, ten-week internship with a total of 21 international maritime companies. The 30 winners were selected from over 170 applicants.

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About the Global Internship Award
The Global Internship Award is an internship programme that provides students with the opportunity to intern with international maritime companies. The programme is an agreement between the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and J. Lauritzen Singapore, through which J. Lauritzen is committed to take a number of undergraduates from the local universities and expose them to daily operations for a period of ten weeks. The candidates for The Global internship Award represent three different universities (NUS, SMU, and NTU) and have to qualify for the internship through their academic results, performance and personal interviews.

Below picture of Mr. Andrew Tan, Chief Executive, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore at the award ceremony on 15 May with Mr. Tan and Ms. Zhu.


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